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T.H.R.I.V.E. Specialist

Better Choices Today, 

Better Chances Tomorrow.



Transformation, Hope, Resilience, Inspiration, Vision, Empathy

As a THRIVE Specialist, I am dedicated to guiding youth and young adults through transformative journeys, building resilience, inspiration, and a clear vision for their futures.

Rooted in empathy , my mission is to tranform life's challenges into opportunities for growth, empowering better choices for better chances.


Ready To Book PD? 

Better Choices, Better Chances Program

With a focus on resilience and empowerment, "Better Choices, Better Chances" goes beyond traditional presentations, engaging students in meaningful conversations and interactive activities. By sharing personal experiences and real-world insights, I aim to ignite a sense of hope and possibility in every student reached.

Together, we can empower students to defy the odds, overcome challenges, and create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Let's shape tomorrow's leaders today, one better choice at a time.

"Five Choices for Unstoppable Students: Cultivating Resilience in Your School"

"Beyond the Tape with PD Ware"

 Interactive Experience

"See Beyond. Choose Beyond. Live Beyond."

This is an immersive, interactive experience that takes students beyond the superficial to confront the real outcomes of poor decisions. Through customized sessions, each with Q&A and breakout discussions, students get a front-row seat to the realities they might face and the tools to avoid them.

No Way But Up: Obituary Chronicles to Enlighten Your Path to Destiny

No Way But Up is a powerful work highlighting situational ills that cause our youth to make unwise choices. It is also an inspirational work meant to uplift our youth, and offer them alternatives to make better choices in order to realize their full potential.


Pam's Book For Free


PD Ware is a Memphis, TN native and former Chief Death Investigator for the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the death industry as a licensed embalmer, funeral director, and autopsy technician she has a deeply rooted passion for shaping young lives.

Through a profound journey of unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs she has cultivated a transformative approach that empowers youth and young adults to navigate life’s hurdles, making better choices that pave the way for brighter futures.


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