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Who is Pam Ware & The Value of Life Reflections from my years as a Death Investigator

Updated: Feb 20

I am a lifelong Memphian, and 1997 graduate of Kingsbury High School, “Go Falcons, Fly High, Score Big.” I am a wife and a mother. The number one question I am always asked is how I do what I do.

Honestly, I knew at age fourteen that death and I would have a special relationship. But I never imagined that so many parents would be burying their children. In my teens I would always read books on death and dying. My journey has been filled with trips down roads many would choose never to travel, and I do not blame them. Nevertheless, the toughest roads prepared me for the moments of calm, steadiness, and quiet strength needed to help others endure the toughest moments in their lives.

In the heart of Memphis, where every street holds a story, I have spent two decades embracing a role many might shy away from: understanding death, not as the end, but as a teacher of life. As the former Chief Death Investigator for the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center, a licensed embalmer, funeral director, and autopsy technician, my days were deeply intertwined with endings. Yet, it is within these solemn moments that I discovered a resonating echo of urgency - a message about the value of life and the boundless potential every young soul carries.

This blog will serve as a haven of wisdom, encouragement, and real-life lessons, drawing from the profound narratives that only a lifetime amidst life’s final curtain can teach. We will dive into topics like understanding consequences, building mental resilience, overcoming adversity, and choosing life - every day, in every action we take, an array of paths stretching out before them. Some roads are worn, paved with the footprints of easy choices and immediate gratification. Others, less trodden, require the compass of courage, resilience, and foresight. I have developed a transformative approach, seeking to be a guiding star for these young travelers, illuminating their journey towards productive decision-making.

Together, we will embark on this journey of reflection, growth, and empowerment. Because every choice carved today shapes the monument of our individual and collective future. It is time to bring our youth from the shadows of unfulfilled potential into the light of a life they are capable of living. A life where they do not just thrive on chances but create them. Join me on this transformative expedition and let us shape a world where our youth are not just survivors but architects of their destiny. The dialogue between life and death opens a window of revelation, and it starts with a simple commitment: to choose, every day, the path of purpose.

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